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John Aymong & Friends Teaser
I made this short animated teaser video using Toon Boom Studio. The piece features a section from one of my original songs.
The Grub Comic
​When I have time I've been working on a comic that I plan to shop around to publishers when it's finished. The Grub tells the story of Roderick Gruber, a recluse genius whose highly unorthodox methods of intel gathering have drawn the attention of unscrupulous agencies.
Dream Eater Posters and Artwork
A selection of posters I've made for my band Dream Eater.
​Along with The Grub, I also am working on this comic, which is about a company that implants marketing in dreams goes haywire.
Veluxe Gut Reactor Video
​I shot and edited this video for Rochester, NY band Veluxe. 
TIACFM Illustrations
These are illustrations I am compiling for apparel ideas.
To see more or discuss possible work let's talk >>
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