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Gardens at Verde Vista Re Engage Proof R
SmartTouch Interactive/
Prospecting and Re-engagement emails
These are examples of prospecting and re-engagement emails I created for two planned communities in the SmartTouch portfolio of clients (Click or tap on a gallery image to see full version).
John Aymong L&S Electrical 2.jpg
SmartTouch Interactive/
L & S Mechanical email campaign
An email series designed for SmartTouch client
L & S Mechanical, advertising the company as an all-in-one service provider to home builders. The brief asked for a holiday element and a design informed by their website.
Dream Eater Wings_edited.jpg
Band T-shirt Designs

These are new designs for my band Dream Eater, produced and printed on merch to be released with our latest album.

Dream Eater on Bandcamp

Dream Eater on Spotify

Kate Energetic Heart Logo 1ab.jpg
Energetic Heart Logo
Energetic Heart is a company extension of About Play, an occupational therapy service for children in Atlanta, GA. The brief asked for a bold design, possibly neon-like and featuring a heart. The company chose the iteration above.
UP Web What We Do_200.jpg
Uncommon Partners Site Illustrations
​These illustrations for the strategic narrative company Uncommon Partners head up the sections of their website: What We Do, Creating Transformation, Experience, and Contact.
SMiiLE Show Poster
​I wanted to create a show poster for the band SMiiLE et al that was bright and nearly bursting at the seams with details. Something accessible and yet a bit odd! I chose to photo collage a beach and give it just a quarter turn of the surreal.
Flux Bucket Logo Variation.jpg
Flux Bucket Logo
Flux Bucket, an Austin technology consulting company, wanted a logo that played on their name and conveyed their dynamic use of resources and talent in their consultancy. I quickly drew up the logo sketches in grey and they chose to develop the smooth logo portraying magnetic field lines.
Osea Leisure Park Photo Boards
Osea Leisure Park in Essex, UK commissioned me to make two illustrations that would be printed on large boards and used for vacationers' photos. The space inside the faces and spots in the Camper windows will be cut out so people can put their faces in for picture snaps.
Dan White Sextet Album Art
The group wanted the artwork for their first release to relate to the time they spent recording in New York City. I used stills from a live recording they made there for the illustration of the interior. The mirrored skyline on the cover is meant to resemble a waveform in a recording program.
Cinepeg Brand Elements
These brand elements were created for a client who knits amazing movie-themed arm warmers. 
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